Fields of application and benefits of energy healing sessions

I help in case of:
  • physical pains, whether their origin is mechanical or emotional,
  • all kinds of diseases, including depression and strokes
  •  traumas and shocks, whether they happened recently or in childhood (healing of the inner child),
  • addictions and disorders,
  • intolerances and allergies,
  • stress and its effects,
  • reoccurring patterns, whether their come from the family or karma 
  • as far as animals are concerned: pains, stress, anxiety, help them recover after a surgery. 
I provide a personalized support:
  • in times of serious disease or when you're going through a hard time,
  • during rehabilitation after a surgery or an accident or a stroke, 
  • when you need to prepare for certain events (ex: exams, job interview, birth, divorce, etc.), 
  • to people who have been harassed or bullied, in order to help them re-build their self confidence.
Here you can find a non-exhaustive list of the benefits:

=>Physical level:
  • helps relieve pain (all types, fibromyalgia included)
  • energizes and revitalizes
  • supports and enhances the immune system and the body's cells
  • accelerates the body's self-healing abilities 
  • assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins (can be a good complement in a diet and fight against cellulite) 
  • enhances the efficiency of medicines and reduces their side effects
  • helps the body recover after a surgery or chemotherapy
  • slows down the effects of degenerative diseases and helps reeducation after a stroke
  • helps people who suffer from diabetes to have a better quality of life
=>Psychological and emotional levels:
  • helps to relax, feel good, calm and reorganize the thoughts 
  • increases memory, imagination, creativity by giving mental and emotional clarity 
  • reduces stress and anxiety, aids better sleep, reduces symptoms of depression, burn-outs, etc.
  • helps deal with anger and negative emotions in general
  • helps breaking addictions, chronic problems, behavioral disorders, dyslexia, stuttering, etc. 
  • improves our way of being: relationships, self-acceptance, getting rid of complexes and negative body image
  • de-activate the deep emotional roots of diseases 
  • frees the mind and body from emotional blocks, whether they were provoked by a trauma or anchored in the cells' memory (transgenerational patterns...) 
  • enables taking a new perspective on things, helps change the way of approaching problems
=> Spiritual level:
  • removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system, bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • helps in a path of personal and spiritual development 
  • unifies aura and anchors the body
  • brings inner peace and harmony
  • helps the spiritual awakening process
For animals:
  • helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases the feeling of well-being
  • calm fearful or aggressive animals, improves behavioral problems
  • relieves pain 
  • enhances the efficiency of medicines and reduces their side effects
  • helps the recovery after a surgery or a procedure
  • for animals nearing the end of their life, it brings comfort, peace and compassion, and helps the soul’s transition