About my techniques and practice:

Energy healing is a gentle and balancing energy therapy that effects on different levels: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual and (re-)energizes body and spirit. It's a simple, natural and safe palm-healing method. 
I channel energy in order to help the recipient launch their self-healing process and get as much energy as they may need.

I’m a natural healer and I have also studied a few techniques, such as Reiki for which I have a Master certificate in several types.I have a holistic approach and the technique I’m using is my own.
I adjust the sessions according to your needs.
​I work with pure energies of healing, universal love and compassions that help break certain patterns by clearing the cells’ memory and getting to the root of the challenge you’re facing (whatever it is). 
I can help launch deep changes in your system so that the schemes that have been repeating generations after generations can come to an end. I use ethereal energies to open your consciousness and enable a deeper healing.
I also work with the energies of Mother Earth and Her Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, according to shamanic practice and I harmonize the energy flows in your different bodies (physical and auric).
In other words, I can help you reconnect to yourself, to who you are at core.
Anyone can receive an energy healing session; there is no contraindication or risk. Age, sex, beliefs, etc. have absolutely no influence on the therapy's efficiency. An energy healing session is always good.

The Energy I channel is free in itself, what is being charged for is my time and service of channeling and transmission.