What is a coach ? - What is the purpose of coaching ?

A coach is someone who advises and helps his/her clients deal with some aspects of their personal and/or professional life.
As a coach I support my clients in a neutral and benevolent way, giving them the required tools that are necessary to solve and overcome the specific challenge(s) and or blockage(s) they're experiencing. 
Each approach is tailored to the coachee's needs, assets and personality.

A coach does not judge or pressure his/her clients. A coaching session takes place is a gentle way, according to your needs. We will set realistic goals, step by step, together as a team.

Coaching can be considered when you want to take stock of a specific situation, overcome a challenge in your personal or professional life.
For example: to make some changes in your way of life, have advice on self-image, have help as regards to self-acceptance and self-confidence, to fight against addictions and complexes, or have a different approach to reach your goals...  

After this first contact, we can schedule an appointment, either to meet via Skype (or in person, if you are in this geographical area). Updates and follow-ups will be done by e-mails.

About sessions:
I listen and take notes about whatever you want to share with me as regards to your situation, goals and expectations. I will then suggest an approach and actions to take.
After each session, I will write a summary and include a program created especially for you, according to your needs with suggestions to help you. This document will be sent to you within the following days after our session (48 to 72 hours maximum)

​If you are a company owner or a manager and want to hire my services for yourself or your staff, my experience can serve you:
After more than 10 years of experience in the field of international business and industry, working my way up on the organization chart, (starting from secretary to becoming an executive as an administrative manager), I could get experience on the field and work hand in hand with and in different teams.
I can bring my neutral and benevolent perspective and make suggestions to improve whatever needs to be improved in your company according to your initial needs.
I can help bring a new approach on certains aspects such as the global work atmosphere, the cooperation with your staff and coworkers, how to deal with stress...
Feel free to contact me so we can discuss how we can work together.

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