I have always been interested and attracted to spirituality, but in 2007, when my spiritual awakening started, it took another dimension and since then it has been fully part of my life. This topic is dear to my heart and I think it’s now time for me to talk about it, hoping that my experience can help other people who are experiencing what I’ve been going through, without knowing what’s happening to them.

It is indeed not always easy to identify what’s going on, let alone talk about it, given that this is not really widespread. I’m here giving you my view on it, how I define it according to how I see things and how I feel.

Spiritual awakening is a kind of internal change, a shift that takes place at every level of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kundalini gets activated and changes are going to occur in the structure of our D.N.A. This process can also be called Enlightenment, Self-Realization or simply awakening.

We then become aware of the world as it is contrary to how we perceive it through different ways of life, beliefs, systems… and we realize we don’t agree with it or fit in it anymore. We’re therefore going to get out of the schemes that have been conveyed for years by our family and friends, institutions, medias, social codes, etc.

This goes well beyond the material world, a real shift takes place at the deepest level of our whole being. To give a more concrete idea, I could compare this process to a snake shedding its skin: the snake lives a certain time in its original skin, then during a shorter or longer period of time that can be uncomfortable, it peels off in order to grow a new one. By analogy, as human beings, we become aware of the skin we’ve been living in, that is to say the way we have been living since childhood according to values that we were taught by society in general, and we are going to change that.
It is going to be more or less painful according to individuals and the duration will vary too accoring to each individual's path. Then, to keep on using the metaphor, as our new skin grows, we’re going to rebirth on healthier and more authentic values. We’re now going to express our values, our truth; our life is therefore based on who we really and truly are at core, as opposed to living according to what society expects from us, the role that other people decide we should be playing, the opinion they have on us and our natural instinct and behavior that tends to want to validate it.

To summarize, spiritual awakening is transitioning from a life based on the mind and ego (in the sense “representation and conscience that one has of their own person”, the basis of the personality, Freud’s “defense mechanism”) to a life based on the heart, authenticity and expression of the soul. Ego is no longer the “boss” directing our life, it is transcended (overcome) and becomes a tool - a useful one!
Once we become aware of the patterns and ways of thinking of our ego, we are able to analyze our emotions and reactions towards certain situations and understand that behind these, there are wounds that it’s now time to heal. This is a life-long learning process, but that’s also what we call “living in full consciousness”, anyone can do it.

Spiritual awakening therefore means living in harmony and balance between rationality, logic of the ego/spirit and authenticity of the soul/heart, universal and unconditional love for all beings, non-judgment of self and other people. Compassion and intuition start developing more and more, as well as other senses that we all have, but that few people know and are aware of.

For information, I want to emphasize that spiritual awakening is not related to religion as an institution, everyone is free to have their own beliefs, it has no link with any sect or whatever movement of that kind. At his time, Plato was describing it as “vision of reality”.

This above-described process takes place in several steps and different symptoms can be felt, I’ll be tackling these 2 different subjects in future blogs.
Thank you very much for having read this article, if you’re interested in this topic and would like to have more detail on some points, please feel free to contact me.
Also, if you’re currently going through this, I can help you with my experience, coaching and of course energy healing sessions which will be of highest good for you.

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