Kundalini is the life energy of the awakening, it’s contained in the tailbone area and is represented as a coiled snake.

When we go through our awakening, this energy is released as if a switch was turned on.

It’s a natural process that starts "on its own”, that is to say, when our subconscious/our soul knows that we are ready at all levels of our being to go through this deep internal life-changing phase.

We all have this energy inside of us, but one should not try to activate it deliberately without being prepared. If it has to happen, it will happen at the perfect timing.
Once this switch is on, important changes are going to occur inside of us, for example, our sleeping D.N.A. strands are going to be activated, our extrasensory perceptions are going to increase (clairvoyance, clairaudience…), we feel connected to the Universe…
Other symptoms are going appear in different phases.

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